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customized solutions for
      your employment verification needs

The Problem
Companies are routinely contacted for employment verifications on current or former employees. These time-consuming requests come from mortgage companies, apartment complexes, auto dealerships, perspective employers, social service and government agencies, etc., and they have become a daily fixture in the lives of Human Resource, Payroll or Operations associates. While most organizations and its associates willingly comply with these requests, they nearly always require research, the completion of some sort of form, the return of this form and a follow-up phone call(s) to the requestor. All of this work takes away from the core job duties of these associates and opens the company up to tremendous legal liability every time a verification is completed.
The Solution
Clickemback Instant Employment Verifications (CIEV) is a web-based system that completely outsources all requests for employment verifications. CIEV uses reports from your HRIS program and provides requestors with only the data you provide, which allows you to control the information that is going out, and eliminate the opportunity for associates to supply subjective information. When a requestor calls in for verification, rather than having them fax or email the form in for completion, the person taking the call would simply send them to a web-site specifically designed for your verifications, and that is it! CIEV and our team take care of the rest. CIEV is provided at no cost to your organization.
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